Learning Center


Trainings, Classes


20 computers with Microsoft products and Anti-virus software, Built in projector and screen.

Learning Center Dimensions

26′ 8″ x 41′ 7″ (Approx: 1120 Sq Ft)

The Learning Center translates to better access to technology for Boys & Girls Club members, allowing them to perform better in school and, later in life, on the job and future career. Among the many programs within the Club Tech family is the Digital Arts Suite, a collection of five programs combining arts and technology, designed to incorporate the best learning approaches in a high-tech setting for kids.

By providing young people with better online and computing resources, Boys & Girls Clubs can fill the gap for those without adequate resources in schools and at home. Acquiring Club Tech skills not only helps users navigate the World Wide Web, it enables them to better navigate life.

Computers Available for Learning